Kerri and Brian Graver, owners of Graver Group, bring passion, knowledge, and exceptional service to every client interaction. Representing buyers and sellers across the Conejo Valley and beyond, they guide clients through the transaction process and ensure they are confident and informed about their decisions every step of the way.

Through their hard work and hands-on approach, Kerri and Brian have built a roster of loyal clients. According to Brian, "Our focus is service first, and when we meet with the client, we let them know that they're going to get white-glove treatment through the entire process. When someone is cared for and looked after, they feel like they had the best representation they could have possibly had. They're going to tell people about that, and that's how our business has grown over the years. There are so many agents that just want to get the next deal, and that's not our focus at all. We really want our clients to have such a positive experience that they will use our services for life."

The pair loves getting to know their clients on a personal basis and finding out exactly what their real estate goals are so that they can best assist them during the process. The drive behind their work ethic boils down to a simple passion: helping people. "Being able to help people is my favorite part of the job. Creating the relationships, knowing that I'm a trusted advisor and accomplishing a meaningful goal for each client is very rewarding," Brian says. Kerri continues, "I love the celebration at the end of each transaction. Handing our clients the keys to their new home and seeing their excitement, knowing that they're envisioning their future in that new space and seeing them make plans for celebrations, family holidays and gatherings... it's so exciting to be a part of that ride. We feel such gratitude for the success we've enjoyed doing what we love to do.”

To give back to the community, Kerri and Brian have put their efforts into helping a local charter school become one of the most sought-after schools in the area. Brian says, "It has been an amazing experience for us to help those families and the people in our neighborhood. We have not only contributed financially to the school, but by doing a variety of volunteer work as well. We have both served as members on the Board of Directors and were thrilled to donate hydration stations throughout the campus. We love giving back!"

Between work and raising three kids, Kerri and Brian don't have a lot of free time, but on the rare days they do, they like to spend it outdoors by going to the beach and socializing with friends and family.

This husband-and-wife team doesn't plan to slow down anytime soon. Kerri adds, "We want to make sure that we're providing consistent excellent service across the board and to make our clients feel like they have the best agents looking after their interests. We pride ourselves on our promise to deliver an exceptional customer experience, and we plan to continue doing just that.”