Preliminary Rate Quotes

Often times, when beginning the mortgage pre-approval process, prospective buyers want to know what type of interest rate they may be able to secure without actually providing their personal identifying information and/or too much paperwork to a potential mortgage lender. In order to offer a fairly accurate quote, a lender will typically need to know (at least) the following information:*What county is the home in?

  • What is the price of the home? What will your down payment be?
  • What type of loan are you looking for? A standard 30-year fixed loan? A 15-year fixed loan? An interest only loan? An FHA or VA loan?
  • What type of home are you looking at? A single family residence (“SFR”) or a townhome or condo?
  • Will you be living full-time in the home or will it be a second home and/or an investment property?
  • What is your credit score?

If you have additional questions about financing a home, please contact a mortgage lender directly. If you would like lender referrals, we have several preferred lenders that we can put you in touch with, so please don’t hesitate to ask!!!