The Value of a Realtor

The internet is the go-to resource for most homebuyers and sellers when considering to buy or sell their homes, rather than contacting a real estate agent directly. Despite the endless amount of information that can be accessed through the internet and on mobile devices, real estate agents have become even more valuable to homebuyers and sellers as trying to navigate the home buying or selling process without one is typically more stressful, more time consuming, more expensive and can subject the buyer/seller to potential legal liabilities.Regardless of whether a homebuyer uses the Internet to find a home they want to see or looks at homes that were presented by their real estate agent, the buyer still relies on his/her Realtor to submit offers and prepare all necessary paperwork and contracts. Buying a home usually requires dozens of forms, reports, disclosures, and other legal/technical documents, and a knowledgeable real estate expert will help negotiate the best deal which in most cases, will result in a better deal than the homebuyer would have secured independently. It makes sense that when a person is looking to make one of the largest, most important purchases of his/her life, he/she would need the expertise of a trusted Realtor or broker by his/her side…it’s no different from seeking out and relying on any other type of specialist in any given field.

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Homesellers want the fastest sale at the best possible price. Realtors have first-hand knowledge of today’s market and can disclose market conditions that statistically demonstrate what a property is worth along with how long it may take to sell. A good real estate expert will not only market a home aggressively but will also look after the seller and home, making sure homebuyers are pre-qualified and that belongings are protected during showings.

Browsing the internet on your smartphone or mobile device may be an easy way to explore the housing market, but a full-service real estate professional with well-trained skills will never be obsolete.