Landscaping Tips to Improve Your Home’s Value

Although most sellers typically make improvements to the interior of their home, it’s the exterior that provides potential buyers with their first impression. And despite the fact that we are all taught not to judge a book by its cover, that is exactly what people do when they pull up to a home for the first time. So what does this mean? Good curb appeal can greatly enhance the value of your home.The following are some easy, inexpensive landscaping tips to consider before listing your home on the market:

  1. Go with color. Plant some flowers along the walkway, in pots, or wherever some color is needed. Depending on the look of your home, you can go with seasonal colors, a monochromatic scheme or a variety of different colors to make the landscaping “pop”.
  2. Touch up the mulch so that it doesn’t look old and dry…this can instantly enhance the visual look of the area.
  3. Trim overgrown trees and unsightly shrubs.
  4. Make sure any dead or dying flowers are either replaced or removed.
  5. Wipe down any outdoor containers, pots, light fixtures, furniture, doors, windows, etc. Anything that is visible from the front yard should look clean and well maintained.

If you have any questions about the least expensive ways to give your home a face-lift, contact me today! As always, we’re here to help in anyway we can!