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An exquisite enclave in the southwestern corner of the San Fernando Valley

Welcome to Woodland Hills, an exquisite enclave in the southwestern corner of the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, California, where upscale living meets the serenity of suburban bliss. This neighborhood, renowned for its verdant landscapes and refined city conveniences, epitomizes the perfect harmony between the peaceful retreat of suburbia and the allure of metropolitan sophistication, positioning it as a premier choice for discerning residents.

About Woodland Hills

Stretching across an impressive expanse of approximately 14.9 square miles, Woodland Hills delights with its varied terrain, from the gentle plains to the iconic rolling hills that define its landscape. Framed by the majestic Santa Monica Mountains to the south, the community is a haven for those who seek stunning vistas and an active outdoor lifestyle, all under the canopy of a Mediterranean climate ideal for year-round enjoyment.

The residential tapestry of Woodland Hills is rich and varied, offering everything from charming mid-century homes to grand estates and sleek condominiums. This architectural diversity appeals to a broad spectrum of homeowners, from bustling families and ambitious professionals to those seeking a tranquil retirement, all united by the pursuit of an exceptional quality of life.


Education shines as a beacon of excellence in Woodland Hills, home to numerous esteemed public and private schools, as well as the reputable Pierce Community College. This educational landscape provides a solid foundation for lifelong learning and achievement, making the neighborhood a magnet for families and individuals who prioritize academic and vocational success.

The Economic View

Economically vibrant, Woodland Hills thrives on the dynamic commercial activities along Ventura Boulevard, in Warner Center, at the incredibly diverse Topanga Mall and within the popular Topanga Village which provides a central hub for gathering, entertainment, shopping, dining and relaxing. This economic prosperity underpins the neighborhood's allure, offering residents both convenience and a thriving local job market.

Recreation and Activities in Woodland Hills

Recreational pursuits in Woodland Hills are as abundant as its natural beauty, with myriad parks, trails, Topanga Canyon offering easy beach access and the proximity to the Santa Monica Mountains fostering a community passionate about the great outdoors. From leisurely picnics at the Woodland Hills Recreation Center to adventurous hikes in Topanga State Park, there's no shortage of activities to enrich the body and mind.

The community spirit in Woodland Hills vibrates with energy, brought to life through seasonal celebrations, farmers markets, outdoor concerts and cultural gatherings that strengthen the bonds among neighbors. These events, coupled with active community organizations, weave a tight-knit fabric of camaraderie and collective pride.

Life in Woodland Hills

Safety and security are cornerstones of the Woodland Hills experience, with dedicated law enforcement from the Los Angeles Police Department's Topanga Community Police Station and vigilant neighborhood watch programs ensuring a peaceful living environment. This unwavering commitment to resident well-being is a testament to the neighborhood's collective dedication to quality of life.

In summary, Woodland Hills stands as a testament to the ideal Southern California lifestyle, offering a blend of tranquility, natural splendor, and urban flair. With its steadfast commitment to education, economic growth, recreational variety, and community vitality, Woodland Hills emerges as a distinguished destination for those seeking to weave the fabric of their lives in this vibrant Los Angeles neighborhood.