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A picturesque city cradled in the scenic Conejo Valley

Imagine a life where the charm and beauty of Southern California are woven into the very fabric of your community. Welcome to Thousand Oaks, California, a picturesque city cradled in the scenic Conejo Valley, strategically positioned between the vibrant city of Los Angeles and the historic allure of Santa Barbara. Born from visionary planning in the mid-20th century, Thousand Oaks has flourished into a thriving city that harmoniously blends a commitment to natural preservation, quality of life, and a safe, inclusive atmosphere for a diverse populace.

About Thousand Oaks

In Thousand Oaks, every day is an opportunity to experience a community alive with cultural richness and diversity. The city's vast, well-kept landscapes, an abundance of parks, and dedication to green living underscore its pledge to environmental stewardship, offering a sanctuary for those who cherish the great outdoors and the myriad adventures it brings.

Consistently ranked among the nation's safest cities, community life here is both vibrant and engaging, woven together by events and festivals that celebrate our cultural diversity and unite us in shared experiences. From farmers' markets to outdoor concerts and art exhibitions, Thousand Oaks pulses with an energy and spirit that fosters deep connections and a sense of belonging.


Education here is not just a pathway but a promise—a promise of excellence and innovation delivered by the award-winning Conejo Valley Unified School District, local public charter schools like the highly sought after exemplary MATES Elementary School and several private institutions as well. Further enriching Thousand Oak's educational landscape is California Lutheran University, a beacon of higher learning that contributes significantly to the cultural and economic vibrancy of the area. These pillars of learning foster an environment ripe with intellectual growth and opportunity, making Thousand Oaks a beacon of academic achievement.

The Economic View

The economic landscape in Thousand Oaks is both diverse and dynamic, with leading-edge sectors such as biotechnology, aerospace, and finance laying the foundation for a prosperous community. Anchored by global biotech giant Amgen, the city's economy thrives, offering stability and ample opportunities for professional development and success.

For the recreation enthusiast

For the recreation enthusiast, Thousand Oaks is a dream realized. Over 150 miles of trails invite exploration by foot, bike, or horseback, revealing the breathtaking beauty of the Conejo Valley. Sherwood Country Club, Sunset Hills Country Club and the Los Robles Greens provide diverse and plentiful golf opportunities! The city's parks, cultural centers, and the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza enrich lives through art, performance, and leisure, ensuring that every resident finds their own joy and inspiration. And the area's libraries, senior center, teen center and community center offer activities to keep everyone entertained!

Life In Thousand Oaks

Sustainability is a core value, with the city leading by example in conservation efforts, green energy adoption, and sustainable practices. This commitment to environmental stewardship not only enriches our quality of life but also positions Thousand Oaks as a leader in ecological responsibility.

In Thousand Oaks, you'll find more than a home—you'll discover a place where suburban tranquility meets the vibrancy of urban amenities, all wrapped in the natural beauty that defines Southern California. Here, education, safety, economic prosperity, and a commitment to the environment converge to create a living experience unmatched in richness and fulfillment. Thousand Oaks isn't just a place to live; it's a place to thrive.