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Welcome to Hidden Hills

Welcome to Hidden Hills, California—a beacon of exclusivity and luxury in the heart of Los Angeles County. This prestigious gated community, established in 1961, offers a unique blend of privacy, peace, and pastoral elegance that attracts celebrities, high-powered executives, and anyone dreaming of a tranquil life away from the city's clamor, yet within easy reach of Los Angeles' vibrant heart. Spanning a mere 1.7 square miles and encircled by the charming city of Calabasas, Hidden Hills is a picturesque oasis of rolling hills, where life moves at a slower pace.

About Hidden Hills

This enclave is celebrated for its unparalleled commitment to privacy and security, fostering a warm, close-knit community vibe among its roughly 2,000 residents. The city's design, with its picturesque absence of sidewalks and streetlights, thoughtfully preserves the area's rustic charm, ensuring that the hustle of metropolitan life feels a world away. Here, spacious, opulent homes nestle amidst expansive, verdant lots, set against a backdrop of natural beauty and equestrian trails that underscore the community's love for horseback riding and outdoor leisure.


Education is a cornerstone of the Hidden Hills community, with the esteemed Las Virgenes Unified School District offering exceptional public schooling options known for their rigorous academic standards. The area is also surrounded by a selection of prestigious private schools, providing families with a wealth of educational opportunities to suit every need.

While Hidden Hills itself is a serene residential haven, the neighboring cities of Calabasas and Woodland Hills open up a world of shopping, dining, and entertainment, ensuring that residents enjoy the best of both worlds: seclusion without isolation. The local economy thrives on the community's affluence, supporting a lifestyle that is both exclusive and enriching.

The heart and soul of Hidden Hills lie in its equestrian culture and outdoor activities. With miles of bridle trails, a community equestrian center, and ample space for horsekeeping, it's an equestrian's paradise. Beyond horseback riding, the community offers a clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis courts, and more, encouraging an active and engaged lifestyle within its secure bounds.

Quality Of Life

Community life in Hidden Hills is vibrant and full of opportunities to connect and celebrate with neighbors. From summer concerts to holiday parades, and from community barbecues to charity events, there's a palpable sense of camaraderie and engagement, all fostered by the dedicated Homeowners Association.

Above all, safety and privacy are the linchpins of the Hidden Hills experience. The gated access and private security measures are impressive, affording residents peace of mind and a secure environment allowing them to fully embrace all that this special neighborhood offers.

Hidden Hills is not just a place to live; it's a lifestyle—a sanctuary for those who seek the utmost in privacy, luxury, and community spirit. If you're searching for an exclusive retreat that offers both the rustic charm of equestrian living and the conveniences of modern amenities, Hidden Hills invites you to discover your dream home in this unparalleled setting.