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Step into the serene & prestigious world of Calabasas

Step into the serene and prestigious world of Calabasas, California, a city that epitomizes the pinnacle of Southern California living with its lush landscapes, esteemed community, and unmatched privacy. Calabasas, with its charming origins tied to the Spanish word "calabaza" for pumpkin, squash, or gourd, resonates with a history deeply rooted in nature and culture. Since its incorporation in 1991, this city has flourished as a sanctuary for families, celebrities, and professionals who value a life of tranquility paired with luxury.

About Calabasas

Encompassing about 13.7 square miles of diverse terrain—from gentle flatlands to the majestic ruggedness of the Santa Monica Mountains—Calabasas offers an extraordinary setting that captivates and exhilarates. It's a place where community and environmental mindfulness converge, preserving a rich cultural tapestry and fostering a deep connection with the natural world. The economic landscape of Calabasas is vibrant and diverse, hosting an array of corporate headquarters, chic retail boutiques, innovative tech firms, and entertainment giants.


Education in Calabasas is unmatched, with the city's youth benefiting from the Las Virgenes Unified School District's unparalleled dedication to academic distinction. The district's schools, celebrated for their excellence, provide a comprehensive and inclusive educational experience, making Calabasas a haven for families committed to their children's future.

For those drawn to the great outdoors

For those drawn to the great outdoors, Calabasas is a dream come true. The city's dedication to preserving its natural beauty is evident in its sprawling parks, scenic hiking trails, and commitment to wildlife and ecosystem protection. Adjacent to the vast expanse of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, Calabasas is a gateway to adventure, from exhilarating bike trails to serene wildlife observation spots.

Quality Of Life

Community life in Calabasas is both vibrant and enriching, marked by a calendar brimming with events that knit the fabric of this diverse community tighter. Celebrate the city's heritage at the annual Pumpkin Festival, or enjoy the sounds of summer at outdoor concerts. Calabasas fosters a sense of belonging and joy, enhancing the already high quality of life for its residents.

The Commons at Calabasas, a picturesque open-air mall, stands as a testament to the city's flair for upscale living, offering a refined blend of shopping, dining, and leisure activities, all within the tranquility of Calabasas.


Safety and serenity are the hallmarks of Calabasas living. The city's low crime rates and proactive safety measures ensure a peaceful and secure environment, further cementing its status as an idyllic retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.

In essence, Calabasas is not just a place to reside; it's a lifestyle choice for those who aspire to the highest standards of living amid Southern California's natural splendor. Offering a symphony of natural beauty, community warmth, and upscale conveniences, Calabasas invites you to make it your next home—a place where dreams of a sublime life become reality.